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251 Birds

251 Birds: A Few Hours at Lake Apopka

Waders by the wagon, yo.

251 Birds

Bananquits at Breakfast

Over here.

251 Birds

Harlequin Duck at Grand Isle Ferry Landing

Finally, a new town post at 251 Birds, featuring some thoughts on my regrettable discomfort with other humans.

251 Birds

Middlebury: Otter View Park

Over at 251 Birds- finally a post about town #2!


251 Birds

251 Birds: More Flying Things

Band-winged Meadowhawk Redux

Familiar Bluet

251 Birds

251 Birds: Weybridge

Whip-poor-will Pursuit

251 Birds

Several New 251 Birds Posts

A Butterfly Love Story

Ripton: Mountain Bird Watch

Dogbane Leaf Beetle Self Portait


251 Birds

251 Birds: Lilypad Clubtail

Other Flying Objects

251 Birds

251 Birds: Other Flying Objects

Canadian Tiger Swallowtail.

251 Birds

251 Birds: A House for Every Wren