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Sturgeon Moon +1

On August 20th we had a fourth full moon of the summer–a blue moon–on a fairly clear night, but I wasn’t able to get out to photograph it.  The next night, though, the waning gibbous moon was dusky orange and the air was mostly clear.  I missed the chance to shoot it with some trees or wispy clouds in the shot, but since I’ve never attempted moon photos before perhaps it was best to keep it simple anyway.  Not bad for the first try, and I learned quite a bit from it.  The waning gibbous provides a little raking light on the right side of the moon that begins to show the great texture of the surface in a way that would have been invisible the night prior.




Asher and Owen

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Infrastructure Improvements

The major revisions are finally complete at my photography site– hooray!  A few more content changes are in the offing to the Architecture section, but it’s basically ready to go.  Now I’ll just need a few minutes to take photographs now and then.

Asher and Owen

Fresh A&O- early August, 2013

New photos over at, including this guy:


A New Something

And so here’s a place to gather things, like

photographs (poor)
photographs (decent)
formal writings (occasional)
stray thoughts (regular)
media appearances (blessedly few)

and other duties, as assigned.