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Asher and Owen

A&O: Got a bit behind…

New things here.

Asher and Owen Photography

A&O: Emerald Isle (and a bit of t-ball)

Lots of the boys over here, including this gem:


And some other things from Emerald Isle (some nature photos to follow in a day or two):








Asher and Owen

A&O: In Montreal

Biodome, Botanical Gardens, Baked Goods.


Asher and Owen

A&O: Owen’s Birthday; a bit of Disney



Asher and Owen

A&O: August Things

Squishing about in mud, sitting on a giant pair of lips, slip ‘n’ slides, etc.

Asher and Owen

A&O: Easter Egging

Unsurprisingly, this is a messy process.

Asher and Owen

This Guy…

Asher and Owen

A&O: Land of the Pines

As promised, more children riding brass animals!

Asher and Owen

A&O: Chrissymoose

Ah, Chrissymoose.

Asher and Owen

A&O: Catching up a bit…

I’m way behind on photo editing, especially after I found a memory card I’d feared lost with many images from the late summer.  There are a bunch of new photos of A&O in the August section of the archive.  There will be more to come, mostly from around the holidays, including more pictures of children riding ridiculous brass animals.