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Jewett Farm Interiors

On Saturday I had the opportunity to serve as an ‘interpreter’ of the Jewett Barn in Weybridge during the Henry Sheldon Museum Historic Barn Tour.  I’d never been in the barn before, so when I arrived a I took some time to wander around a bit.  Fortunately the barn was interesting enough to create a compelling narrative of its place in Vermont agricultural history, and I think the tours went quite well.  We had 50 visitors come through despite being the most remote of the locations on the tour, and I’m happy that we were able to raise money for the museum and do some educating in the process.

We were busy enough that I didn’t have too many opportunities to focus on photographing the place, but I did get some composition exercise by shooting the interior.

Here’s the 1940/1960 ground-level stable addition, which made for a good vanishing point subject:


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